Precision Rod Ends
& Spherical Bearings



Dear FK,

We thought we'd share these pics with you because they really speak to FK's durability and slogan, "Yeah, they're that good".  These hard, awkward landings remind us just how tough FK Rod Ends are. No other rod end compares!

We appreciate your support of our team. 

Thank you!

Pat Gerber
Shocker Motorsports

First off I want to thank you for everything Lincoln has done for my team again this season. We have traveled a lot of miles, thrilled a lot of fans, and with that comes a lot of broken parts. Although, I can proudly say that year after year, the only parts that do not break on our monster truck are our FK Rod Ends. I will not use any other rod end on my truck nor will I sell any others to my customers through my off road shop.

-Joe Sylvester -
President, Joe Sylvester Motorsports LLC. / BAD HABIT 4X4

Hi Maria, Just taking the time to thank you for the great products you provide us with. Its these products that help us to our weekend victory of a 2nd in class and 3rd overall for 2 days of racing! Attached is a pic from this weekend thanks again for all your support.

Thanks, Chris Schell

Rutgers Formula Racing would like to thank FK Bearings for its generosity. Last year was one of our most successful years, and we owe much of our success to our wonderful sponsors and supporters like yourself. At our competition in Michigan, we placed 9th out of almost 100 teams in the country. This was our best performance in years and we plan on improving upon this success next year. I hope that we are able to once again work together for another successful year.

Thank you again.

Mehul Dalal - Marketing & Business Team Coordinator
Rutgers Formula Racing - The State University of New Jersey

FK Rod Ends helps TVR win the biggest
Dirt Late Model race in Australia

"Hi Maria,
We just returned from a tour to east coast (5000 miles of driving) of Australia for the biggest Dirt Late Model Race in Australia.

We had a great car and came home with the $10K-50 Lap Victory, and ran 3rd the week after in Sydney

Thanks to FK Rod Ends for your support, without the support of companies like FK this wouldn’t be possible.

Check out & like our FB page and website for more info!!

Thanks again for your support.

Best Regards
Craig Vosbergen"

Hello Maria,

I wanted to drop you and everyone at FK a big thank you for all the work you've put in this far.  We filmed a quick thank you note as well while we were down at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last weekend for the Formula Sun Grand Prix.  I tried to push these out sooner but we had some technical difficulties.  Being able to test at the event helped us stay on our goal dates and finish the car months before we ever have.   (we did not compete to win as we did not use our Solar Cells, we are saving those for the Australian race this fall and didn't want to fully tip our hand to all of our foreign competition).  Without your help, it wouldn't have been possible to make it to this event, we wouldn't be finished this early, and certainly would not be in as good of a position to win the World Championship this fall.

So thank you for all you've done for us,

Blaine Riley
UM Ross School of Business 2012
UM College of Engineering
UM Solar Car - Head of Sourcing

"Thank You to FK Rod Ends from us here at CWF Off Road! Your quality parts worked perfectly for our 99-06 Chevy Silverado Long Travel Kit."
~Paul J Hawley/CWF Off Road

June 2011 Cover Of Sprint Car & Midget Magazine.
FK Proudly Sitting Front And Center!

Chris Ferguson Racing Team Keeping Warm While Looking Cool!!

Mark Dowdy Racing

Michael Bush
2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Car

"Razors Edge is proud to announce the use of American made FK Rod Ends on our newest 306-5030 Chrysler Bump Steer correction kit. We believe in making the best components possible, from design, machining, finishing and performance. The addition of FK Rod Ends has allowed us to once again raise the bar."

Paul Riccio
Razors Edge Motorsports

"After running your teflon lined heims at EASTBAY, I never doubted, and I'm absolutely convinced that your products are far superior to any other heims on the market today!!! I believe that this will NO DOUBT be another strong selling point of our cars, as I will be adding all your products to our Standard Roller Packages!!!!!.... I also spoke with alot of my current, as well as new customers during our time in Florida, and have alot of them convinced as well. I'm sure that most of them will make the transition to your product in the very near future!!!!!......Once again, thank you for all your help!!!!! and enjoy the photos!!!!"

Jason Henne - co-driver
Crush Motorsports

"The Rock" Rockingham Speedway
Rockingham, NC